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Tops of wind turbines against background of blue sky with wispy clouds
Photo montage of Delburn Wind Farm from Morwell Thorpdale Road looking south

Delburn Wind Farm

The Delburn Wind Farm is a joint initiative between OSMI Australia and Cubico Sustainable Investments.

When constructed, the Delburn Wind Farm will be to the south of the Latrobe Valley, overlooking the former Hazelwood Mine site. Situated above the existing HVP plantation, 33 turbines will generate 205MW of clean energy to the electricity grid. Construction is planned to commence in 2024 and is scheduled for completion in 2026. With an operating life of 30-35 years, the wind farm will lead the way in helping Victoria transition to a low carbon emission future.

Wind Power

The Future of Energy

OSMI is actively investigating the feasibility of onshore wind farms that have access to existing transmission networks, and commercially viable wind resources throughout Australia.

Wind turbine close up against a backdrop of rolling hills
Single wind turbine located on a rocky hilltop

New Project

Stay tuned, as we will shortly be announcing a new project.